Hi, I’m Anna! Big thanks for being here, I appreciate you! How awesome that you want to know more about me! 

Everyday I choose to make conscious decisions to live a healthy plant-based lifestyle. It makes me feel great and my life has changed for the better ever since. I’ve been vegan since I was 24 years old and before that I was a vegetarian for 10 years, today I couldn’t imagine living my life in any other way.

I’m passionate about inspiring and spreading the message about this lifestyle. The pasts years I’ve diving into and discovered true healing. With the knowledge I’ve healed my eczema, multiple allergies, nerv pain and brain fog. Healing don’t happen overnight, most of the time I took one day at a time. With the right kind of knowledge and a lot of patience came beautiful results. Supporting your body's ability to heal with abundance of fresh vegetables and fruits is a powerful feeling. 

I believe that once you heal yourself from any kind of illness, you automatically open up to start a journey to heal all areas of your life. Leading us slowly to our higher self of love, towards compassion, getting alined with mother nature, to love each other and to help others in their journeys.

So far it has been a rewarding experience to connect with all of you. I’m so grateful fot that. Love you all. 

No matter what diet or lifestyle you follow, my hope is that you find something useful to bring with you. If any of my posts or recipes make an impact on you and inspire you towards the better, then nothing could made my spirit happier!

If you have any further questions, please connect with me.

I hope you have the best day. Blessings!